Schatten der Nazra - FAQ (Fictionally Answered Questions)

How do you pronounce it?

The german title is pronounced like "shutten there nuh-sru".

Release date

The german demo is already out, however there's no english translation planned.


Screenshots of the demo city "Devalra":

* Opening scene: Travelling to Devalra
* Realtime shadows and mirrors
* Shadows and reflections
* Market place at night
* Harbor building
* Tamara Gilgen's house
* The small bakery
* Some more indoor screenshots
* The (completely scriptet) fishing rod
* In-game dialogue
* The city hall

When will it be done?

That might be some years...

Is this a RPG maker game?

No. The game engine is called DME DarkMoon Engine and it's based upon the YDK project.

In what time period plays the game?

The game has medieval flair. Most people are farmers, smiths, bakers or traders. But we mixed in a little bit of steampunk like in the mines, where large and heavy steam engines are being used.

What's your Crate Review System score?

Not so good. The first game scene already shows proper crates and even circular ones (called barrels). But that's not because we ran out of ideas, crates are just essential for harbors.

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